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Java IAPWS-IF97 Steam Tables

GNU Lesser General Public License version 3

Hummeling Engineering releases its water & steam thermodynamic properties library to the public domain, under GNU Lesser General Public License. That is, free for any product to use and redistribute. Even proprietary software developers can use our library.

IAPWS-IF97 is the Industrial Formulation by The International Association for the Properties of Water and Steam (

Java IF97 library

Java IF97 implementation

Our IF97 library is implemented in Java, with a test suite containing a mere 80 tests readily available in the source distribution. A listing of implemented functionality will be published here in due time.

Access IF97.jar from within MATLAB

MATLAB is a registered trademark of The MathWorks, inc.

Our IF97 library can be accessed easily from within MATLAB since a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is standard shipped with MATLAB. First add IF97.jar to MATLAB's dynamic class path
>> javaaddpath path_to_IF97.jar

Select your preferred unit system
>> unitSystem = javaMethod('valueOf', 'com.hummeling.if97.IF97$UnitSystem', 'ENGINEERING');

Create an instance of the IF97 class
>> if97 = com.hummeling.if97.IF97(unitSystem);

Retrieve a property, e.g., specific volume as a function of pressure and temperature as follows
>> if97.specificVolumePT(3, 300)

Alternatively, the Java archive can be added to MATLAB's static class path by editing your classpath.txt file, see your documentation for more details. Or you could add the javaaddpath statement to your MATLAB startup file, startup.m.

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IF97 project binaries and source code are hosted on SourceForge: as well as the API documentation:

Contact us if you'd like to receive a notification when the complete IF97 implementation is available!

This library has no dependencies on other software libraries, except for the test classes which require JUnit.

For an implementation in C, refer to

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